Sylvania Calisthenics is pleased to have the following talented coaches at its club.  All Coaches at Sylvania Calisthenics are fully qualified with the Australian Calisthenics Federation  and have Level 1 Accreditation , current first aid certificates and Working with Children Clearances. Coaches regularly attend continuing education updating sessions held by the NSW Calisthenics Association.

Amanda Hardy –  Head Coach

Amanda began Calisthenics in 1996. From 1997 she has been a class assistant/cadet and in 2007 obtained her Level 1 Coaching Accreditation. She has had experience in both team & solo coaching of various age groups since that time. In 2019 Amanda will be coaching the Tinies and Sub Junior team.

Lisa Wells 

Lisa has been involved with Sylvania Calisthenics for more than 30 years. She has coached at Sylvania since 2007 and is highly involved in teams and Solo/Duo work. In 2019 Lisa will be coaching the Junior Team.

Dannika France 

Dannika has been involved with Sylvania Calisthenics since 2000. She obtained her Level 1 coaching in 2008 and is involved in team and solo coaching. In 2019 Dannika will be coaching the Senior Team.

Lauren Cotton 

Lauren joined Calisthenics in 1997, she obtained her level 1 coaching in 2007. After taking a few years off she’s now back and ready to take on coaching again. In 2019 Lauren will be coaching the Intermediates team.

Melinda Buchanan 

Melinda started Calisthenics in 1979 as a foundation member of Sylvania Calisthenics. Melinda obtained her Level 1 Coaching accreditation in 1993, she coached for many years. Mel still loves helping out where she can.

Jodie Morton 

Jodie began Calisthenics in 1978 in the ACT. Jodie has been involved with Sylvania Calisthenics since 1991 when she moved to Sydney. She is a member of the ACF Coaching Committee and Executive Officer of NSW Calisthenics and is our Club Registrar. In 2019  Jodie is coaching our Masters Team