Solo and Duo

Although Calisthenics is predominantly a team sport, many members choose to also be involved in solo and duo work each year. Solo and Duo items require the same skills and technique as team items including poise, strength and flexibility. However Solo and Duo items also allow participants to improve their performance skills and show their individuality with a routine choreographed specifically for them. Performers thrive on the opportunity to work closely with a coach outside of the team environment.

In this solo performance, the music, choreography and performer combine to create a high standard of Aesthetic Dance technique. Competitors in the Graceful Solo section require poise, grace and confidence, as well as demonstrating flexibility. Arm and feet positions are taken from Classical Ballet with a softer feel. Overall presentation, expression and correct technique play a key role in this item.

Calisthenic Solo is performed by one participant and must contain half dance, half physical work. This can involve strong gymnastic style movements which require strength and flexibility, combined with a variety of dance steps to convey the theme of the music chosen. A story or mime may also be introduced. Overall presentation, expression and correct technique combine to create a dynamic item.

Calisthenic Duo is performed by two participants. Similar to a calisthenic solo, it must contain half dance, half physical work, whilst also containing partner work. It involves the performers interacting with each other, while still ensuring correct technique and uniformity. Characters and mime are often included, which make for an entertaining item and participants really enjoy performing with a friend.

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