Solo and Duo

Although Calisthenics  is predominantly a team sport, many members choose to be involved  in solo &  duo work each year.  Solo & Duo work is seperate to the team  aspects of  Calisthenics, and allows the members to improve their performance  skills and  technique.  Many members thrive on the opportunity to work closely with a coach  outside of the team environment.

In this solo performance, the music, choreography and the performer must combine to create a high standard of Aesthetic Dance Technique. The main benefit for girls competing in the Graceful Competitor section is the achievement of poise, grace and confidence.  All-important aspects required in  being a successful calisthenics  competitor.

The Calisthenic Solo is performed by one girl and must contain  half dance, half  physical work. The routine can evolve into a flowing arrangement and need not be  divided into sections.  A story or mime may be  introduced.

Calisthenic Duo is performed by  a pair of pupils. Similar to a calisthenic solo, it must contain  half dance,  half physical work, whilst also containing partner work. It  involves the pupils  interacting with each other, while still ensuring correct  technique and  uniformity.

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