Fees and Expenses involved with becoming a member of Sylvania Calisthenics in 2017 are as follows:

Term Fees
Term fees cover expenses including
– Hall Hire
– All Costume Expenses/Hire
– Equipment Hire
– Club Tracksuit Hire
– Makeup for Concerts and Competitions (EXCLUDING FOUNDATION)
– End of Year Presentations/Awards

Additional Expenses
In addition to the above, members are required to pay an Annual Registration Fee that comprises Insurance cover while involved in any Calisthenics activities for the year and club membership.
A Competition entry fee which varies depending on competitions entered is also additional to term fees.

Annual Registration Fee  (Including Insurance)

$60 Masters
$85 all other age groups
Family discounts may apply-please enquire

Term fees – paid for 3 terms

Tinies     $100.00

Sub-Juniors     $145.00

Juniors     $155.00

Seniors       $175.00

Masters    $110

* Note:  Term payments include scheduled class fees, equipment, costumes and awards.  Term fees will be payable for 3 terms in 2017.

Competition entry fees and any extra classes will be additional to these costs.